PLMA Trade Show 2022 BioSerene is excited to be exhibiting at the PLMA!  As you know, skincare, haircare, and health go hand in hand, but how many consumers have awareness about the right products? Besides, do they really know about the new products in the market? This is when PLMA helps us as private label manufacturers to connect to the retail market.  Buyers and Purchasing Managers can learn more about our skincare products, haircare products, nutraceuticals, and more that are on the market for the opportunity to sell them under their company's branding. In order to seize new opportunities for networking with potential customers, we are thrilled to exhibit at the PLMA. Your opinion is very important to us, and we can't wait to meet you in person at PLMA’s 2022 Private Label Trade Show in Chicago from November 13-15! Keep reading to see our Innovative Products Approved By PLMA's New Product Expo Committee

What is PLMA?

The PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association) trade show is here with a focus on the private label as suppliers and retailers look to expand internationally and take an active role in marketing their products. The largest trade show for private label goods in the world is organized by the PLMA International Council. An annual gathering of thousands of manufacturers and retail and wholesale buyers from over 100 nations is what is fueling the expansion of private labels in Europe and the Americas. PLMA is a leader in the industry for networking and education, and it is well renowned for its conferences and executive education programs. In its market analysis, news pieces, and awards, the private label sector annually highlights key developments and trends.A

BioSerene at plma (booth h2833)

A leader in the field, BioSerene is a trustworthy private label and contract manufacturing partner that offers a vast selection of skin and hair products, over-the-counter goods, and nutritional supplements. We have dedicated ourselves to creating the best holistic and science-backed products possible by formulating only the highest-quality components to create the most unique, innovative products on the market. You can find us at the PLMA show at Booth H2833 to learn more about Bioserene and all our pharmacist-formulated products. This is your chance to communicate with BioSerene's creators. Ask questions, discuss the products you require, and place orders for the ones that are best for your customers' skincare and health regimen.

Range of products we'll be exhibiting 

Its been years of offering special private-label products. Be it a wholesale, private label, or a customized product, we cater to the needs as is.  BioSerene offers an extensive range of products ready to serve your concerns from hair and skin to immunity and cognitive memory problems. Here are just a few of the categories we'll be exhibiting at this year's PLMA trade show:
  • A hybrid of holistic + science-backed skincare products 
  • Dermatology-grade skin and scalp care products
  • Holistic Skin Therapy for extra dry skin (formulated with Ghee)
  • A complete line of haircare, specifically for Ethnic Hair textures
  • Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements
  • And more!

Innovative Products Approved By PLMA's New Product Expo Committee

We are thrilled to announce that 3 of our products have been approved for representing new and innovative ideas to the category, such as cutting-edge ingredients and new formulas, by PLMA to be displayed at the show's innovation display at the expo.

Advanced Roots Activator (Hair Growth Scalp Serum)

Formulated With: RPC (Redensyl™, Procapil®, Capixyl™) |Copper Peptides | Vegan Keratin | 4D Hyaluronic Acid
  • Stimulates and reactivates hair growth
  • Improves hair strength density
  • Anti-thinning effect with follicle regeneration
  • Hydrates scalp
The Advanced Roots Activator (Hair Growth Serum) is the first of its kind. Scientific studies that show that the combination of ingredients in this product may be used as a safer alternative or supplement to Minoxidil products, with no harsh drying effects. Go To Product Request A Quote

Quad-Active Age Defense (Anti-Aging Face Cream)

Formulated With: Copper Peptides | Ceramides | Hyaluronic Acid | Natural Oleic Acid (Derived from Avocado Oil)
  • Improved firmness, elasticity, and skin thickness
  • Reduces wrinkles and increases collagen production
  • Skin Remodeling for biologically younger and smoother skin
For skin to stay young and healthy and produce healthy, our product combines the 4 essential ingredients: peptides, ceramides, hydration, and fatty acids. This pharmacist-formulated Anti-Aging Face Cream uniquely combines the four, as mentioned above, each being supported by extensive, and readily available, scientific studies. Go To Product Request A Quote Quad-Active Age Defense Anti-aging Cream

Activated "Ghee" Body Balm (Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer)

Enriched With Ghee, African Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Avocado Oil. What is Ghee? Ghee is a clarified form of butter, known as “Liquid Gold,” originating in India, that has been used for centuries to richly moisturize, soothe, and heal skin with its Ayurvedic therapeutic properties of antioxidants and fatty acids for the healthiest skin. We've launched the first of it's kind: Ghee-based products for skincare in the USA.
  • Long-lasting moisturizing properties for extreme dry areas of body
  • Helps firm skin and increases collagen production
  • Helps shield skin from ultraviolet radiation and environmental stressors
  • Rich in vitamins and fatty acids for healthy, supple skin.
Go To Product Request A Quote Activated Ghee Body Balm - Holistic Skin Therapy As PLMA attendees, you can find these products online under the New Product Announcement or in-person in the New Product Expo. Explore the rest of our website to search for additional dermatology-based products and holistic ghee skincare products. If you are a retailer, distributor, or wholesaler and need to collect some samples before you make a final purchase, Contact Us for the samples anytime. 

See YOU at PLMA in Chicago!

Skincare and ethnic haircare are some of the largest growing categories. As the climate and health affects everyone’s skin and hair, people tend to look for effective, yet healthy solutions to maintain it long-term. With U.S. based and lab-tested products by Bioserene, you have all you need for refreshing skin and smooth hair.  Meet the creators of BioSerene, Megha Shah and Shailesh Shah, at Booth H2833 to learn more about the process and qualities of the products. We're looking forward to meeting you at the PLMA 2022 trade show in Chicago! EXPLORE OUR PRODUCTS REQUEST A QUOTE SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

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