Contract Manufacturing Services

Launch or Expand Your Exclusive Brand In A Matter of Weeks

BioSerene commits to each one of our valued clients to provide innovative production, bespoke packaging, and efficient contract manufacturing services. In addition to our USA based contract manufacturing, customized formulation, and other complete services, we can take your dream brand from concept to completion smoothly and professionally. 

From customized small-scale production or bulk manufacturing, BioSerene takes pride in providing high-quality customized solutions that are meant to propel your company to the next level. Our in-house pharmacist, Otc manufacturers, formulators, designers, package designing team, and a regulatory team of experts work together to organize all parts of the contract manufacturing service. BioSerene’s contract manufacturing of cosmetics, supplements, and OTC products can help you launch, grow, and improve your brand.

Tailor-made Programs

Each of our programs is tailor-made to your needs. With our vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry & in creating best Ayurvedic products, we can help you improve your products and business. With BioSerene by your side, you don’t just get a partner. You get peace of mind. We are your source for ready-to-ship premium products. More than just a technical contract manufacturer; we are also a partner in your success.

Our skilled team works with you to develop customized nutritional supplements, skincare/cosmetics, or OTC products based on emphasizing your needs. We work with your specifications, formulations, packaging, and more to deliver a product that is ready to launch for success.

The BioSerene Edge

Custom Formulations

Our Formulation Team is here to assist you at every stage of the contract manufacturing process, with special guidance from formulation to manufacturing to packaging and prompt shipment. We offer unwavering support and guidance from our in-house pharmacist and formulators throughout our client's scientific journey. Whenever you need us, you can count on our knowledge and capabilities.

Research & Development

We understand that a successful product is the result of a well-executed research and development process. Whether you need a bespoke formulation or want to utilize one of our developed products, you can trust our researchers to put in the time and effort to ensure that the products you receive are of the highest quality.

Certified Lab Testing

A cutting-edge onsite laboratory houses our highly skilled laboratory team. For the most part, we carry out all of our R&D right here in the lab. Our in-house lab testing enables us to get scientific information on our raw ingredients and their efficiency for developing and extending product lines and formulations. In addition to in-house testing, each finished batch is sent to a third-party lab for a Certificate of Analysis.

Stability Testing

We conduct in-house stability tests for all kinds of skin & hair products to ensure that your products have the best shelf life possible. Our analytical laboratory develops and validates methods for identifying and quantifying the degradation of products using various technologies.

Packaging and Labeling

As a single-source packaging and labeling provider, BioSerene offers completely integrated solutions starting with idea creation and continuing through design development, knowledge, and guidance to meet the needs and specifications of the product.

cGMP Compliance

As a reliable contract manufacturer in the USA, we always comply with cGMP regulations to manufacture high-quality products. While some contract manufacturers have received Warning Letters for failing to comply with cGMP regulations, we take pride in following all cGMP standard operating procedures and policies in our FDA registered facility.

High Safety Standards

Our Quality Control Benchmark

From day one, BioSerene has been committed to the highest level of quality. We are USA’s up-and-coming contract and customized manufacturing specialists, which is why we have a quality control team dedicated to ensuring that the products that we deliver are of the highest possible quality. Our quality control department collaborates closely with our clients and manufacturing department to continually enhance our production control and testing technologies to ensure that we reach the high standards that our clients expect from us.