Why does "Made in USA'' matter for Food Supplements and Skincare Products?

Why does "Made in USA'' matter for Food Supplements and Skincare Products?

When we talk about skincare or food supplements, we look for the highest quality product. It is the reason people prefer products with the “Made in USA” label as it is considered more authentic and safe to use for various reasons. 

Moreover, buying products with the label “Made in the USA” is not just a fancy trend. One of the main reasons is that it is good for local businesses. Along with the rising climate and supply chain issues and other safety problems, people want to trust the brand with the highest level of safety regulations. 

Also, most people prefer products made in the USA because they don’t want to navigate through foreign regulations, especially when buying in bulk for their businesses. Keep reading to learn why American-made skincare products, haircare products, and nutraceuticals and food supplements is the direction we should be prioritizing when considering purchase habits.

Most invested country in skincare products & supplements

The US manufacturers have always maintained higher standards of quality and, therefore, is the obvious expectation of the normal consumer. Other than the actual quality of products, USA also has great regulations for safety and working conditions. Additionally, in light of recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the broken supply-chain, BioSerene aims to bring manufacturing opportunities and jobs to the USA for skincare, haircare, nutraceuticals and food supplements, and over-the-counter products.

Why is “Made in the USA” so important?

Cosmetics and skincare products are widely popular and right now, we can safely consider the United States as one of the countries with the most people spending on Skincare items. 

Using information from the U.S. Census and the Simmons National Consumer Survey, Statista has generated the data (NHCS). According to Statista, 1.68 million Americans spent $500 or more on skincare items. Here's what you're supporting when you purchase a "Made In USA" product:

Supporting local economy

This is quite obvious and also beneficial for building a sustainable future for the next generations. Your purchases have an impact on the equilibrium between supply and demand. You may put pressure on businesses to continue their domestic manufacturing by raising the demand for American-made products. In other words, supporting American manufacturing means purchasing goods that are created here. 

As a result, US-based manufacturers have a better chance of expanding and creating jobs for the American people. The advantages don't end there, either. Other domestic services, such as construction and energy, see an increase in demand when domestic manufacturing experiences a boom. Emphasizing American goods also means putting an emphasis on American companies and developing possibilities that will benefit people for years to come. 

Safety is a major factor

The Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Items Act of 2019 is a United States bill that holds cosmetic companies accountable for the safety of the ingredients. The majority of animal testing is prohibited, and cosmetic businesses are held accountable for the safety of the substances in their products. To assist level the playing field for small, clean cosmetic enterprises, it also necessitates supply chain transparency and industry sharing of safety data.

Beware of falsely labeled products

Consumers and business owners should be aware of false or misleading labeling. As some companies are unable to completely claim the “Made in USA” label, they might add modifiers to it. The product may show only the American flag with no actual text about where it's made or it may indicate that either labor, materials, or processing are done somewhere else. This is why you should always read the label carefully.

To ensure you are buying authentic products, you must also understand the labels. When reading a product label, you may come across “distributed by” or “manufactured for,” or “manufactured by” information. Keep in mind that if a product says "manufactured by" and they name a USA location, you'll know it has actually been made in the USA. However, if the product mentions "distributed by" or "manufactured for", you may not be getting information as to where it was actually made. 


The lack of environmental laws in developing countries is one factor contributing to the lower cost of manufacturing items there. Large quantities of dangerous chemicals are produced by these facilities, polluting the environment's air, water, and soil. Additionally, as imported commodities must travel a longer distance than domestically produced items and materials, their carbon footprints are significantly higher. Every mile that commodities are transported overseas burns a significant amount of fossil fuel and releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, upsetting the ocean and other species in the process. Spending money on products created in the United States helps preserve and guarantee a healthier environment for future generations.

Labor and employees safety

Due to the Fair Labor Standards Act, employees of USA manufacturers are guaranteed protection from unfair labor practices, safe working conditions, reasonable hour restrictions, and wages that fairly compensate them for their efforts. There are still factories overseas that mistreat employees, demand exorbitant compensation for long hours of labor, and compel youngsters to work to satisfy higher demand. In the USA, OSHA has the authority to establish and uphold health and safety regulations, as well as actively fine violators.

Significant Dietary Supplement and Skincare manufacturing regulations in the USA

Cosmetics (including skincare and haircare), dietary supplements, and over-the-counter products are regulated by the FDA. Whether or not you need FDA approval or licensing, ensuring the safety of the product you wish to sell to customers is your responsibility. Along with it, it is necessary to fulfill the intent of the label too. When getting products manufactured in the USA for your own brand or company, be sure to always accurately list all the ingredients on the product label and ensure there are no deceptive and fraudulent claims about the product.

Bottom line

Consumers today are smart. They demand to know the origins of the items they add to their daily routine. When we talk about skincare products or food supplements, it is essential to know the background including the ingredients. People today focus on quality more than just having the product and it is extremely difficult to beat American-made products for skin and hair and supplements in terms of quality and standards.

Be sure to support your local American companies that follow FDA regulations, fair labor and trading practices, and sustainable business practices, such as using sustainable palm oil, minimum or recycled paper packaging, and renewable energy sources.


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