How To Find The Best Moisturizers For Dry vs. Oily Skin Types

How To Find The Best Moisturizers For Dry vs. Oily Skin Types

When it comes to purchasing a skin moisturizer for your dry or oily skin, do you feel overwhelmed? That's not surprising, given the plethora of options available at high-end cosmetics and department shops — lotions, creams, and ointments, some of which contain sunscreen, and others have an exfoliation effect. While selecting the best skin moisturizer may appear to be a tricky task, it is actually rather straightforward if you follow a few basic suggestions. While the skin may not come in all forms and sizes, it does come in different types. Normal skin is saved for the lucky few, while the rest of us must contend with oily, dry, and even combination skin. And, to make matters even more difficult for us poor souls, the type of skin we have might vary based on the weather. So what kind of moisturizer is best for your skin type? Let’s find that out.

First Things First: Understand How A Skin Moisturizer Works

Everyone requires a moisturizer in their daily skin care routine, regardless of their skin type. Though oily-skinned people may deny it, the truth is that they do. It is because moisturizers rely on a water-oil base, and this is something that nearly everyone may benefit from. Oils, also known as occlusives, operate in conjunction with humectants, ingredients in moisturizers that hold and absorb water. We don't want to bore you to death with technical terms, but please bear with us.  Your topmost skin layer (stratum corneum) contains dead cells that can store an incredible quantity of water.  A single cell may absorb six times its weight in water and grow up to three times its original size. In addition to boosting your skin's elasticity, moisture also helps the stratum corneum exfoliate dead skin cells. You can find humectants in moisturizers, such as honey and botanical hyaluronic acid, which absorb water from the air and deep into the skin. As for occlusives in moisturizers, they prevent or delay the water from evaporating into the atmosphere. Jojoba oil, Shea butter, and sunflower oil are all occlusives, which means they prevent water from escaping from your skin and keep it hydrated.

Best Moisturizers For Dry Skin

When looking for a moisturizer for dry skin, search for one with rich oil content and elements that help to enhance the skin's barrier function. For example, it would help if you look for a thicker moisturizer or face oil that contains emollients or occlusives, which act as a barrier on your skin to lock in moisture and hydration for an extended period of time. As a general guideline, stay away from anything that contains alcohol since it can further dry up your skin. Natural humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid, and plant oils such as olive squalane and shea butter provide efficient hydration. You can consider the Amlacuja Glow Facial Oil, which includes olive squalane and vitamin E, is ideal for dry skin. Amlacuja Glow Facial Oil contains Olive Squalane, a highly soothing and moisturizing oil that does not leave a greasy finish. It contributes to the reduction of transepidermal water loss and the increase of skin hydration, resulting in a more glowing and nourished complexion. It also contains Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), an efficient antioxidant known to protect cells from damage as well as promote skin health. Vitamin E is a potent moisturizing antioxidant that can aid in the rejuvenation of the skin. Grapeseed oil is a non-comedogenic oil that may be used to prevent breakouts, soften skin, and level out skin pigmentation. Vitamin C, maintains a healthy, radiant, and young complexion, as well as treats hyperpigmentation, UV-induced photo-damage and dark spots.

Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin

The notion that people with oily skin shouldn't use moisturizers isn't true at all. If you don’t use a moisturizer, the loss of moisture will be compensated for by your sebaceous glands by making more of what you don't want: additional sebum, the oily substance that greases your skin. So it spirals into a vicious loop. People with dry skin can benefit from cream-based treatments, while those with oily skin should avoid cream-based products and instead go for lighter formulations - a gel or lotion formulation would be excellent for them. Moisturizing products for oily and acne-prone skin should be non-comedogenic, lightweight or oil-free, and contain humectants, which help hold water in place on the skin's surface. For example, Rose Chai Cream Gel is an oil free moisturizer that replenishes moisture to the skin, provides an intensive 72-hour hydration boost, and aids in the maintenance of a harmonious and radiant complexion. Rose Chai Cream Gel contains rose water, which moisturizes the skin, balances the skin tone, and regulates oil production, making it suitable for all Doshas and skin types.  It contains Saccharide Isomerate, a natural plant sugar extract that provides adequate skin protection for up to 72 hours of moisture, resulting in more youthful-looking skin. AQUAXYL™ is a triple-action hydrator that increases ceramide production, maintains water inside the skin, and improves water circulation in the skin's pores. Milk protein helps renew your skin by providing moisturization, lightening your complexion and removing dark spots, repairing acne scars, and improving your skin's barrier against environmental toxins.

When To Moisturize Your Skin?

The best results are obtained when you apply moisturizer to damp skin after choosing the appropriate product for your skin type. Consider the example of a sponge that has become dried out. If you apply moisturizer to it, it won't do much good. However, if you wet the sponge in water and coat it with moisturizer, the sponge will be able to absorb the moisturizer much better. Your skin behaves similarly. Once you've found the right moisturizer, moisturizing on a daily basis will go a long way toward avoiding skin problems and even camouflaging wrinkles when they appear. While a skin moisturizer will not eliminate wrinkles — because wrinkles develop far deeper in the skin as a result of collagen loss — it will help to plump up the skin and reduce the look of existing lines. To target wrinkles, you should consider using RevitaPearl Age Defying Serum, a combination of clinically proven Ayurvedic herbs and highly active anti-aging components; this formula is a must-have for everyone who wants to look young and feel their best. For more information on skin care routine, check our skincare products and ingredients glossary. Contact us if you have any queries regarding our skin care products.

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